Most of the examples below I created drew from my imagination. Some I drew from images I googled for inspiration, and some I had models to work from.

Harris vs Pence (first drawn idea):

Rats poster board prop for production of “Reefer Madness”

Reefer Rats web

Below is a little friend I drew on my Home Depot Apron. For my full line of Home Depot Aprons, go to that page.


IMG_4986 IMG_4985

BEDB33A0-D45A-45C4-8FF5-CFADF9C90C33 65BDD883-4888-4A76-9384-062DBC293B50 3C75EC5F-9870-4FCB-B1B5-9CE2055469EF

Pencil drawing of a sculpted figure:

hedgehog (2)

The jazz singer below is a drawing from my imagination (not from a photo):

jazz singerWeb

Below are 2 hand-drawn costume design ideas for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”



Below are two outfits for Amanda from “Private Lives.” Her figure is drawn in my own stylized way.

amanda colorcorr4 amanda casual2

A political parody card:


Below are 3 examples of drawings of mine that were published in the Republican-American newspaper.

xmas elves

The outlines of the examples below were drawn on paper and scanned into Photoshop and colored before outputting the final files.2000man 2000manprinted 2000sketch weekend cover

Below are my collection of basic college drawing class assignments:

gesture dancer Death Marti gras skeleton male nude foot study My sneakers gesture crouching Eric bowing man gesture corr lying on blanket nude female back Josh adjusting tie jeff muscle study mugshot jeff muscle study front female nude torso front female nude torso female nude torso lean back class pose Picasso ink study arm stretch Dad's baby boots pop tart Blind self-port 3 Blind self-port 1 Blind self-port 2 thinking man figure

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