Welcome to the visual aspects of Lana’s creative expression! The visual aspects of Lana’s creativity (as opposed to her musical/performance aspects) can be found here in this web portfolio. As a part-time artist she has several years experience in theater, retail, printing industry, non-profit organizations, and as a freelance graphic designer. She brings a creative eye to projects and is able to solve creative problems with specific instructions or independently according to specified deadlines. She is looking to advance and keep her skills current and find employment that utilizes and grows her drawing and painting skills as an arts professional.

Other forms of creativity Lana delves into are prop making, puppetry, music, songwriting, video, and writing. She intends to bring her talents, ideas, humor and sensitivity to an organization that aligns with her values of bringing good into the world.

Scenic Artist/Props-maker Resume: Lana Peck Resume scenic artist (web)

Graphic Design Resume: Lana Peck Graphic resume

For video samples, visit the Video page of LanaPeckMusic.com.

Inquiries can be sent to: info@nosecrops.com

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